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Indonesian pythons:

Super Dwarf Reticulated Python:

Overall their appearance is similar to that of any of the other forms of the reticulated pythons. What makes these pythons so different is their mature adult size of 2 possibly 3 metres in length. The husbandry and care is the same as any other reticulated python. Feeding them however, will not cost a fortune in large prey animals. Our adult reticulated pythons are usually content with 2 to 3 medium sized rats. Females can produce between 18 to 30 eggs. The resulting neonates can be fed on appropriately sized fuzzy mice.

New! Tiger Super Dwarf

New! Albino Super Dwarf


Timor's Python:

Timor’s python are de-picked by a rich blend of yellow-gold and olive in colour with a pattern that resembles the collage of two different snakes. The first half of the snake being more brightly coloured and boldly patterned, were as the lower half of the snake is of a uniform olive appearance. Their average overall length can reach up to 3 metres. Timor’s pythons are found both on Timor and Flores islands in Indonesia. We are lucky enough to have paired specimens from both localities. Husbandry is like the keeping of other similar sized pythons however the breeding information and success is still mostly unknown.



Australian pythons:

Aspidites ramsayi : (Woma Python)


Morelia spilota bredi
: (Bredl’s Python)