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RegiusCo, was forged out of a friendship between Michael Perry (Hiss and Hers Pythons) and Marc Bouchard (Selectively Bred Serpents), sharing a common passion for keeping reptiles and combining over 30 years of herpetocultural experience.

We pride ourselves in working with investment quality ball python morphs (python regius) as well as a small but select group of BCI boa morphs (boa constrictor imperator), this includes other rare localities of boa constrictor such as BCA (boa constrictor amarali) & BCL (boa constrictor longicauda).

Our collection offers other pythons such as Timor pythons (python timoriensis) with Super Dwarf reticulated pythons (python reticulatus) being one of our favorite breeding projects.

Our primary goal is total customer satisfaction after all we breed for quality, not quantity. Our breeding stock was carefully selected to produce some of the best quality offspring available on the market today.

For more information we encourage you to write or call us with any questions you may have.


Michael Perry & Marc Bouchard

Introducing the ENHANCER ball new recessive gene 2011!